Sublime Soar Tools

Package for Soar development in Sublime Text

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Sublime Soar Tools

Sublime Text package for Soar development.

Getting Started

Current Functionality

Syntax Highlighting

Files with the '.soar' exention are assumed to be Soar files and are highlighted accordingly. Code folding is also provided but is irregular at the moment.

The plugin highlights both Soar productions and other curly-braced sections, like smem --add commands:

soar production with syntax highlighting

smem --add, with syntax highlighting


Production snippets help you code faster:

Soar production snippet menu

completed production snippet

and SoarDoc snippets help you document faster:

SoarDoc snippet menu

SoarDoc inserted snippet

SoarUnit Build Command

You can run SoarUnit on a single file or on an entire project as a build command (CTRL+B). See project Readme for setup details.

Soar REPL Integration

You can run the Soar CLI from SublimeText if you have the SublimeREPL package installed (see the project Readme for setup details). Highlighting included!

Soar REPL with highlighting

Contributions Welcome

Suggestions or questions, patches and PR's are welcome. Speak your mind on the issues page!